Can My Child’s Tongue Tie Go Away On Its Own?

October 18, 2023

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child with a tongue tie

When discovering that your child has a lip or tongue tie, you might be a bit taken aback at first. This is especially true if you do not discover that it is posing a problem until they are a bit older. Will a child’s tongue tie go away on its own? Find out why it’s better to see a pediatric dentist for help sooner rather than later.

Why Should Lip and Tongue Ties Be Treated?

No parent wants to see their child undergo any type of procedure. Unfortunately, when it comes to lip and tongue ties, these are not conditions that children just grow out of. They require minor surgery to fix the problem.

The reason it’s not something you can just hope will go away is that these restricted tissues are tight. They reduce the amount of oral movement a child can have, limiting their ability to eat, breathe, speak, and smile confidently.

Forgoing treatment will only increase your child’s risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and even accidental damage.

By choosing to see a professional who can help, you will notice a dramatic difference in the way your little one interacts with you and/or their friends while at school.

What Kind of Problems Can Occur Without Treatment?

Although most children undergo treatment for a lip or tongue tie during infancy, the problems may not manifest until a child is a bit older. No matter the situation or age, children can:

  • Struggle to latch or take a bottle
  • Have difficulty speaking clearly and instead often have a lisp
  • Find it hard to swallow certain foods
  • Feel self-conscious about their appearances because of an enlarged gap between their upper front two teeth
  • Have a hard time breathing freely at night, especially if they are a mouth breather

How Can a Frenectomy Help?

After talking to your child’s pediatric dentist, you may discover that a frenectomy is all they need. By going in and releasing the restricted tissue behind the upper lip and/or underneath the tongue, this procedure allows for a greater range of motion so that children, no matter their age, can begin to immediately use their mouths more effectively. This allows for fewer problems to develop in the future.

If you’re the type of parent who would rather “wait and see,” don’t risk your child’s oral and overall health. Get them in for treatment and prepare to see them smile more brightly and confidently going forward.

About the Author
As a board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Homer Sedighi understands the challenges that come with a child who has a lip or tongue tie. If you suspect that your little one is suffering from one because they struggle to eat or speak clearly, contact us at (636) 777-7777 so that we can begin to discuss the option of a frenectomy and how it can help.

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