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As pediatric dentists in St. Louis helping children achieve optimal oral health is our passion. We are the only pediatric dental office in St. Louis that welcomes your chair side presence during your child’s dental visit. Our entire pediatric dental office is dedicated to provide an exceptional dental care for your child/children. We strive to achieve your approval. We offer a full range of pediatric dentistry services including sedation for young and special needs children. We tried to establish a bright, cheerful and positive environment that is child friendly, and not create a typical dental office that can be perceived as threatening. We want your child to feel happy and secure during his/her dental visit. I hope you like and approve our taste in decorating. As pediatric dentists we know how children feel. We strive for superior dental care for your child/children. Thank you for your interest and trust in our pediatric dental office. We look forward to serving your child/children and invite you to contact us.

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